About Us

To those who know us, we look forward to seeing you again in-store when life returns to normal. For those who are coming across our online store for the first time, here's a bit about our business:


Robert Jones Menswear believes that well-made, high quality clothing is always in style. We are a small business that was built on an uncompromising stance toward quality and a focus on the human touch. In this age of big box clothiers, these principles are more important (and rarer) than ever. 

Let's be frank: the world of fine men's fashion is one that lends itself to brick-and-mortar. These are exquisite materials that must be felt to be believed. The sales experience itself is also sorely missed: the banter, the trying on different colors and styles, the sartorial advice, the final adjustments by our expert tailors. How does one duplicate this in an online store? Well we at Robert Jones Menswear are always up to a challenge, and we will do our best to bring our high standards of customer service into the online realm.



Our store has served the Toronto area ever since Doc Jones originally set up shop in 1919. Originally located in the Toronto Arcade, Robert Jones has maintained a tradition of excellence for nearly a century.